Open source, C++ SOAP 1.1/1.2 protocol stack

AlchemySOAP is a fork of the EasySoap++ SOAP 1.1 library, adding enhanced protocol support (SOAP 1.2), a large number of automated unit tests and interoperability tests, and several other notable features (Multithreaded SOAP request handling, optional SSL/DOM, serialization improvements to work with WS-* protocols, etc.). This library is open source, licensed under the LGPL.

AlchemySOAP can interoperate with a large number of 3rd party SOAP stacks, including: Apache, MS SOAP Toolkit, gSoap, SOAP::Lite, SQL Data, and White Mesa. It includes implementations of all SOAP 1.2 interoperability tests defined in: W3C Recommendation: SOAP Version 1.2 Specification Assertions and Test Collection.

This library is designed with speed and portability in mind. It has been tested on Win32 and Linux, but should work on most POSIX-compliant operating systems.



API Documentation:

Online API documentation may be browsed here.


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